Friday, 7 December 2012


Well, what can I say? The past four weeks have taken me all around Merton, to 20 Primary schools who are participating in The Journey project. Yesterday was my last visit, to School 20 - The Priory! When I arrived the children in Y5 welcomed me back to my old room, where I had taught music for nearly 9 years.

They sang very strongly, with a great sound but would I achieve my quest?..Fortunately I got plenty of T reminders and ...( drum roll 1) 11.15am...(drum roll 2)...I finished Cup No 20 and IT WAS STILL HOT!

So, now you must all watch and listen to Pete's DVD ( remember, he's our fabulous Journey composer who is also just a bit bonkers). Here he is, hard at work writing music for us.

Home Straight, Here I Come!

This is the last week of my quest to drink a HOT cup of tea at all 20 Primary schools partcipating in The Journey Project. On Monday children at Singlegate looked after me very well.

On Tuesday I made new friends at Garfield, in particular Billy Beaver, who had come all the way from CANADA to take part in our workshop! He's a good singer too (although his big beaver tail is a bit awkward when we 'move to the groove').

Then on (and on!) to Merton Abbey and Holy Trinity. We talked about how clever nature is, to make our skin darker or lighter and more suitable to cope with different kinds of weather.

In our Merton schools we are lucky to have the world in one room, with families from many different countries and cultures.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

So, Where To Now??

Onwards and upwards, to Poplar, Joseph Hood and Dundonald. Luckily I have a map. Some excellent singing at all three schools (although I will arrange to be flown in by helicopter next time I visit Poplar!!).

We have a complex and challenging story to tell so don't forget how important it is to use all your mouth muscles and tongue to make sure every word is crystal clear and can be heard by the audience ( ladies, this will also keep your face in great shape, so you will never have to go on 'Ten Years Younger' . I am actually 108, but I don't look it....

Monday, 3 December 2012

On and On I Go (still!)

So, onwards and upwards, this time to Hillcross ( very nifty Beatles mug, thanks!) and Abbotsbury. We talked about the various reasons why people ( and sometimes whole communities) have to move on, sometimes with no choice.
We thought about the people in the UK who have been flooded out and may not be back in their homes for many months. It certainly makes me appreciate the simple things in life - like a good cup of HOT tea!!
Facing an unknown future must be very frightening. Our classrooms in Merton are filled with children from all over the world, whose families have made brave journeys in search of a bright future. What do you think you would miss most, if you had to 'move on?'

Is The Tea Getting Hotter?!

Yes, I do believe the tea in Merton is definitely getting hotter! Cup 8 at SS Peter and Paul was so hot I had to call for help!

Cups 9 at Links and 10 at Merton Park have also gone down very nicely and I'm sure all this drinking is improving my voice! Actually, keeping up fluid levels ( ideally with water) is an important way of looking after your larynx and those 2 precious vocal folds. So, Soo says 'Love your larynx!'