Friday, 7 December 2012


Well, what can I say? The past four weeks have taken me all around Merton, to 20 Primary schools who are participating in The Journey project. Yesterday was my last visit, to School 20 - The Priory! When I arrived the children in Y5 welcomed me back to my old room, where I had taught music for nearly 9 years.

They sang very strongly, with a great sound but would I achieve my quest?..Fortunately I got plenty of T reminders and ...( drum roll 1) 11.15am...(drum roll 2)...I finished Cup No 20 and IT WAS STILL HOT!

So, now you must all watch and listen to Pete's DVD ( remember, he's our fabulous Journey composer who is also just a bit bonkers). Here he is, hard at work writing music for us.

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