Monday, 28 January 2013

Pete's First Visit - Good Job Guys!

Today was the first chance for Groups A and B to meet Pete Churchill. We had 2 excellent workshops at Stanford and St Teresa's, rehearsing On and On, Where To Now and Ride The Wind. At St Teresa's we looked at the things each class had brought, to take with them on their journey - it was clear that you had discussed your options carefully and made choices which meant a lot to you all.
Remember what Pete said about 'tasting' the words and really using your mouth, so the words become lodged in your 'muscle memory'. Also to add the L / R movements as you learn the song, not afterwards, so the movement becomes part of the song.
We've lots still to learn and we'll need all those fabulous words and phrases of encouragment if we are to achieve our QUEST - to become the best Merton choir EVER to perform at the Royal Albert Hall!

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