Monday, 4 March 2013

A Journey of Endless 'Hello's!

It's been a busy few weeks!! Now everyone has met and worked with Pete and you are sounding pretty awesome! We've only one more of Pete's songs to learn plus Proud and Ain't No Mountain. Then we can use our remaining rehearsal time to get everthing perfect. You can hear the Merton Young Voices rehearsing with Adam - have a listen and see what you think needs improving -  it's always the second part or verse that we have to work at remembering and singing more confidently.

Gary will be our narrator. His parents are from Monserrat and Jamaica and Gary moved from Monserrat to England when he was a child. His work as a musician has taken him all round the world, singing on cruise ships and he has also sung in many West End musicials, including The Lion King. You will be able to meet and talk to him in April, when he and Guillermo join us for the final rehearsal. We will have Dick, a cameraman, filming that day ( 21 April) - can you think of some interesting questions you might like to ask Gary, Guillermo, Pete or any of our guest musicians, like Brenden, our Ullieann piper?

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